Book of Ra Bonus Game Overview

Book of Ra Bonus is a sorting game pack from the Play’n Go app, with 20 symbols sliding from right to left in a series of 5×4 reels in 1024 payout modes. The express packs in act as mystery symbols, and 2 modifiers can trigger a cascading payout to continue the random unbeatable spins. Unlimited odds don’t reset in the bonus round, and it can lead to a win of 10,000 times your bet.

Ironically, this Play’n Go slot from the mailbox assembly lines is far from “assembly line production” itself. The mail processing plant theme is implemented flawlessly and has a very busy dynamic background that conveniently blurs so that the package symbols are always accurate. Anyone who has ever worked in a post office, etc., during the summer is sure to feel the nostalgic appeal of heart ribbons.

Pay attention, and you’ll really see how the yellow and other symbols in the yellow suitcase move along with the cranes in the background, and the 3 modifiers you get are designed to make your cascading winnings increase the payout ratio. Everything goes all the way to the end with the bonus round, where non-zero and unlimited payouts can wreak 10,000 times your bet.

Book of Ra Bonus slot features.

You insert 20 symbols per spin, and all winning symbols are removed from the assembly line reel set. New and existing symbols are inserted to fill in the gaps, and this process is repeated as long as you keep winning. Progressive odds increase to +1 for an occasional win , but revert back to 1x at the end of the main game round.

3-8 Mystery Express symbols can be inserted into any main game or bonus round and all occurrences of the mystery symbol become the same payout symbol. It can also become a wild symbol, but cannot become a scatter.

The special feature can be triggered randomly after winning rounds , and it gives one of two possible modifiers. Editors can repeat up to 3 times for each feature to provide a winning combination:

  • Symbol Remover – removes randomly selected symbols from the reels.
  • Extra Wild – adds wild to random spots on the first three reels

Book of Ra Bonus – Pack of 200 spins and slot machine experience

The video highlights of the two and a half minutes begins to collapse in the middle of the action, and more specifically when we start the bonus round with 3 scatters. The corresponding scatter points yielded 12 free spins, and we managed to collect 13x at the end odds. How far we got, you should see for yourself by clicking the play button below.

Book of Ra Bonus – Review Summary

Book of Ra Bonus clearly shows that a unique and “well-packaged” theme can be a strong compensation for using familiar features. Play’n Go has certainly made a visually pleasing and intelligent game, and the dynamic blurry background is full of lively cranes and trucks running their logistics business. It’s compatible with a sleek assembly line reel, where cranes can remove symbols at random.

Converters, as mentioned, are not far from innovative, but they certainly get the job done and are presented in a somewhat unusual way. If the progressive multiplier doesn’t reset in the bonus round, you’re 10,000 times more likely to bet (one bet in the 100-meter round isn’t so bad, all things considered). Overall, Book of Ra Bonus is a very enjoyable release, and the only real drawback we find is that you have to be wary of the customizable RTP areas.

Plus Book of Ra Bonus:

  • Unlimited CSS wins.
  • Up to 8 cryptic characters per trigger
  • Elimination of random wild symbols and symbols
  • Bonus round with no odds reset
  • Win up to 10,000 times your bet

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